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With so many photobooth companies out there, why should you choose MIC King Music?

We’re a classic photobooth where you and your guests can sit in our booths and get comfortable. Our sleek design fits beautifully in any venue setting. Our booths were engineered so everyone can be comfortable sitting vs. standing in a tent atmosphere. Our booths can fit up to 10-12 people in the picture and are disabled friendly.

We give you the absolute best value! If you compare pricing “apples to apples” in what we offer FREE with our services, our prices won’t be beat. Unlike some photobooth companies, we won’t charge for scrapbooks, photobooth attendants, and many of the other things that we feel complete your photobooth experience!

Our exceptional customer service is what sets us apart and makes us one of the most sought after photobooth companies. Because photobooth services are all we provide, we can focus 100% to making sure YOUR photobooth experience is the best.

Our Booths Are

Sleek in Design. Our booth fits well with any venue decor and because we aren’t a tent, we don’t take away from the attention being on you the day of your big event! Our large monitor on the back of the booth presents a slideshow during your event of all the pictures being taken!

Comfortable. Our booth seats three people very comfortable inside AND because our curtain backdrops open from behind, we are able to get additional people in the picture frame. Our “record” so far is 12!

Portable. Because our booth breaks down easily, it sets up in 15 to 20 minutes.

Sized Just Right. We have worked in many venues and fit perfectly in just about any area of your venue. Our booth dimensions are approximately 6 ft tall, 3 ft wide and 5 ft long.

Versatile. We don’t just offer a black or white curtain backdrop. We offer a variety to coordinate with your wedding colors. We’re NOT just a photobooth- we are one of the only Photobooth companies that offer VIDEO! Let your guests leave you and your new spouse a short video message and best of all it’s included in your package!

Personalized! We customize everything from the photo layouts to your coordinating curtain backdrop, as well as your frame inserts and thank you cards! At MIC King Music and Events, LLC we are all about you!

At MIC King Music, our mission is “It’s all about you!” 

We’ve customized our packages with the mindset of what would WE want in a photobooth package! We offer more in our packages than any other photobooth company.

Email or call our office to speak with a specialist 816-407-9522. 

Connect. Share. Engage.

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